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                                                    2012 Graduate



Tammy Mueller





 Tammy Mueller

 My employer is Randstad Staffing and I am a contractor for Google working on Project Ground Truth
 (Google  Maps) in Bothell, WA.

 Here is some info on Project Ground Truth:


  Minghao (Michael) Gao

Minghao returned to Beijing China after finishing his MA degree in Sociology and now works for the Horizon Research Consultancy Group. The company was founded in 1992 and is in the "top 10" of market research companies in China. There are four companies under the Horizon Research Consultancy Group, Horizon Research (full-service market research), Progress Strategy (marketing and management consulting service),Horizon key (Omnibus), and Vision (Investment Project Selection). Horizon is the leader in integrating data based market research findings with consulting to provide clients customized solutions for strategic directions.

Minghao reports that his team focuses on public affairs and the measurement of satisfaction with government services and development of local community. These are relative new areas and industries in China and Minghao reports that these are exciting areas of work. These independent companies are located in promising new areas of development since the Chinese government and society are changing in ways that redefine the functions and position of independent corporations and public affairs in China.



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