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The Department of Sociology & Anthropology offers several advanced laboratories for the enhancement of student learning and applied research. These labs contribute to our students' experiential learning. As each student learns in unique ways, the academic work done in the labs not only develops new skills but also provides a new way of seeing and applying lessons from the classroom. The Labs cultivate experiential learning of analytic thinking and fact-based decision making. Our department utilizes a natural science model in our study of social sciences and the humanities. Students begin benefiting early in their education by entering the labs as freshmen and sophomores. The principal investigators for labs also are engaged in cutting-edge applied research. The labs offers an array research opportunities for students who have a desire to work on academic publications, grants, and applied solutions to local challenges.

Archaeology Lab
Principal Investigator: Mary R. Vermilion, Ph.D.
About the lab: The Archaeology lab is located
on the third floor of Morrissey Hall and provides
an excellent workspace in which students can
explore and contribute to the science of


Forensic Science (FS) Lab
Principal Investigator: Richard Colignon, Ph.D.
About the lab: Teaching and research lab explores
chemical and biological evidence as it applies
to civil and criminal law.

Health Policy Research Lab
Principal Investigator: Hisako Matsou, Ph.D.
About the lab: The Health Policy Research (HPR) Lab
focuses on applied and community-based research relevant
to health issues. 

Geospatial Science Research and Innovation Lab

Principal Investigator: J.S. Onésimo Sandoval
About the lab: The GeoSRI lab explores the
intersection of spatial statistics, demography,
inequality, policy, and justice.

Urban Lab
Principal Investigators: Dr. Bruce O'Neill 
Dr. Daniel Monti 
About the lab
: The Urban lab explores issues related to
urban sociology, urban anthropology and urban social policy.















































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