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Anthropology literally means "the study of humans" and involves both socio-cultural and biological aspects of humankind.  Anthropologists examine human cultural/biological variation and complexity through a combination of the scientific and humanistic methods.  The discipline is holistic, historical, and interpretive, highlighting both conceptual understanding and hands-on fieldwork experience.  Anthropology is intrinsically global in scope emphasizing the examination of the similarities and differences between human groups, cultures, and societies.Student Recording Lab Information

Unique Features
The Anthropology degree, with its focus on holistic understanding of human evolution, interdependence of global life, and cultural sensitivity, makes a unique contribution to academic education.  Key program components include

  • a rigorous social science curriculum focused on three subfields of anthropology: 
    • cultural anthropology
    • biological anthropology
    • archaeology 
  • lab courses that provide a hands-on learning dimension 
  • practical applied experiences through fieldwork opportunities and independent research projects 
  • connections made with the larger community via internships, study abroad opportunities, and a senior capstone project.

The Anthropology program at SLU supports the efforts of faculty who have interests in sustainability/human impact, culture and medicine, urban issues, globalization processes, peace and conflict in the U.S. and worldwide and cross-cultural dialogues. Further, a major in Anthropology facilitates linkages with national and international communities (e.g., current anthropology faculty work with colleagues at other institutions in Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Suriname, and Colombia).

Department of Sociology and Anthropology
Probation and Dismissal Polices
Spring 2017

Students that earn a final grade of ‘C-‘ or lower in a course (excluding a ‘W") will trigger a review by the department. If a student who qualifies for a review is found to have a major GPA lower than a ‘C' (2.0) average in their major coursework, that student will be placed on probation for the following semester.

Students will remain on probation until their cumulative major GPA is at or above a ‘C' (2.0) average. Students will have two probationary semesters ((P1) after the initial review and (P2) after a second semester of falling below a 2.0) to correct their cumulative GPA*. Upon falling below the ‘C' (2.0) average for a third semester (semester do not need to consecutive), students will then qualify for program dismissal (PD) and will be removed from the program.

*If a student does not take a course in the major during a semester after being put on probation, the next evaluation period will occur only when a student takes the next course in their major area.

For further information on the major or minor in Anthropology, or on any of the classes offered, please contact:

Katherine C. MacKinnon, Ph.D.
Associate Professor of Anthropology
Director, Undergraduate Anthropology Program

See our Facebookgroup, "SLU Anthropology Club"

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