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Forensic Science


Degree seeking students may pursue a minor in forensic science. 

For a student to receive a Minor in Forensic Science, the following requirements must be met:

Required (17 credits):
SOC 2600 Survey of Forensic Science (3)
SOC 3620 Chemical Analysis of Crime with Lab (4)
SOC 3630 Forensic Biology with Lab (4)
SOC 4550 Crime Scene Investigation with Lab (4)
SOC 4610 Death Investigation (2)

*Survey of Forensic Science (SOC 2600) is a prerequisite for Forensic Biology (SOC 3630) and Chemical Forensics (SOC 3620)

Electives (6 hours from the following):
SOC 2210 Biological Anthropology with Lab
SOC 2240 Introduction to Archaeology
SOC 3010 Quantitative Analysis (Statistics) or MATH 130 (3)
SOC 3280 Forensic Anthropology (3)
SOC 3590 Law and Society (3)
SOC 4000 Field Work Practicum (100 hours) (3)
SOC 4930 Current Cases and Topics in Forensic Science (3)

Other courses will be added to electives as they are approved.

FOR FURTHER INFORMATION:  Please call or write:

Dr. Richard Colignon, Chair
Department of Sociology and Anthropology

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