Saint Louis University

The Department offers a Major and Minor in Forensic Science. Forensic Science is carried out across a range of disciplines from accounting to zoology and most academic fields in between.

Forensic Instructor

Students work on a crime scene analysis in the AAFS lab.

Our program recognizes multiple career tracks including: lab medical examiners and investigators/evidence technicians.  These positions require training in a physical, life or clinical lab sciences (e.g. biology and chemistry).  The program is designed to integrate science and investigations and provide a substantial complement to majors in other sciences, social sciences, law, and health professions.

Unique Features of the Program
The practicum is a required fieldwork placement in a forensic laboratory.  The practicum is designed to complement the student's career interests (e.g., crime lab, medical examiners and forensic anthropology).  In addition, the student receives hands-on laboratory experience in forensic anthropology, biology, and chemistry.  Students are involved in a Medico-legal Death Investigator course, sponsored by the Department of Pathology at Saint Louis University.  Finally, alumni are found in medical schools, medical examiner offices, U.S. marshalls and a range of graduate and professional programs.

For a closer look at the type of work you can do with a Forensic Science major watch this video interview of Erik Hall.