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Degree Requirements

A total of 30 hours are required for the major degree in Sociology. The student must also complete the core curriculum requirements of the College of Arts and Sciences. Any of the approved minors or certificate programs offered by the College of Arts and Sciences can be completed to reach the total of 120 hours required for graduation.

Required Classes - Foundations (15 hours)

SOC 1100/1110/1120:  Introduction to Sociology                                                                                    
SOC 2000:  Research Methods

Applied Methodology Course-choose one:                                                                        

            SOC 3010:  Quantitative Research Methods
            SOC 3020:  Qualitative Research Methods

SOC 3100:  Sociological Theory                                                                    
SOC 4940:  Sociology Capstone

Electives (15 hours)

SOC 1180:  World Geography
SOC 1190:  Cultural Geography
SOC 1500:  The Urban Community
SOC 2080:  Urban Issues: Poverty and Unemployment
SOC 2110:  Sociology of Sports
SOC 2180:  Cities and Space
SOC 2200:  Cultural Anthropology
SOC 2220:  Peace and Conflict Studies
SOC 2360:  Diversity & Health Disparities
SOC 2480:  Drugs and Society
SOC 2490:  Sociology of Medicine
SOC 2500:  Social Ecology
SOC 3180:  Immigration
SOC 3220:  Urban Sociology: The Wire
SOC 3230:  Gender and Society
SOC 3350:  Social Movements
SOC 3360:  Race and Ethnic Relations
SOC 3380:  Power in U.S. Society
SOC 3430:  Marriage and Family
SOC 3480:  Sociology of Emotions
SOC 3490:  Sociology of Mental Health
SOC 3500:  Social Inequality
SOC 3510:  The Structure of Poverty:  Globally & Locally
SOC 3580:  Deviant Behavior: Drugs, Alcohol and Addiction
SOC 3590:  Law and Society
SOC 3840:  African American Religious Traditions
SOC 4050:  Feminist Movements
SOC 4080:  Urban Issues:  Advanced Seminar
SOC 4180:  Citizenship: The Struggle to Belong
SOC 4200:  Urban Ecology: Neighborhoods
SOC 4530:  Urban Ethnography
SOC 4640:  Demography
SOC 4630:  Sociology of Religion
SOC 4800:  Research Activity:  Under Faculty Supervision
SOC 4980:  Independent Study (Requires permission of instructor
                   & department chair)



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