Saint Louis University

For a student to receive a Minor in Sociology, the following requirements must be met:

Required Courses (9 Hours):
SOC 1100 Introduction to Sociology (3)
SOC 2000 Research Methodology (3)
SOC 3100 Contemporary Sociological Theory (3)

Electives (12 hours):
See Sociology Major Electives.

TOTAL: 21 hours

A student may double count only those courses that are REQUIRED for both (2 or more) of the degree programs (including majors and minors) that students pursue WITHIN our department (SOCIOLOGY, ANTHROPOLOGY AND FORENSIC MINOR).

NOTE: Students wishing to declare a Minor must officially do so through either the Office of Academic Advising, 977-2370, or at the College of Arts & Sciences Office, 977-2708. Once you declare a minor and have been accepted into the department, you will be assigned a departmental academic advisor.