Saint Louis University

Sociology is the scientific study of human groups, their characteristics, changes, causes and consequences. Through teaching, research, and service we reveal a critical understanding of the different ways people relate to one another through the organization of society and how its structures and cultures influence our lives. Our subject matter ranges from family life to large-scale organizations, from crime to religion, from the divisions of race and social class to the shared beliefs of a common culture, from poverty to prosperity, from the sociology of work to the sociology of sport. Few fields have such a broad and exciting scope.

Unique features of the Major

St. Louis city and county provide great opportunities for the scientific study of human community. St. Louis is an excellent research laboratory for social behavior as determined by social structure and physical environment, how community is a major factor in shaping human behavior, and human adaptations to community. The sociology major provides a strong background in social science education combining theory and empirical methods of analysis with an emphasis on social inequality and institutions. Students' learning experiences may be enhanced through practical fieldwork experiences with area non-profit organizations and governmental agencies.

Concentrations in Sociology

New concentrations in Sociology major starting fall (2015) allow students to specialize in: health and medicine; law, crime and deviance; immigration, urbanization & demography; and gender, sexuality and the body.

Why A Sociology Major?