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The 21st century belongs to interdisciplinary research and we are poised to benefit from our multidisciplinary
department. In scholarship, teaching, and service we are  thinking and working outside the traditional boxes.
The Department of Sociology and Anthropology offers degree programs in: Anthropology; Sociology;
Forensic Science; and GIS.  These four specialties bring different theory and empirical research techniques
that broaden our curriculum and will allow us to better serve our students.

Innovative Programs and Curricula:

New interdisciplinary Ph.D. program in Public and Social Policy.  The program offers track specializations in Urban and Community Development, Health, and Geo-spacial methodology.

The Department also offers interdisiplinary programs in Geo-spatial analysis and Health and Social Sciences.

The new major in Forensic Science provides studnets with the opportunity to gain scientific and analytic skills and experience to analyze a wide range of social and physical phenomena.  It is a great complement to any major, or it can be taken as a minor as well.

New concentrations in the Sociology major are now being offered.

The Department is now offering new courses in sociology and anthropology designed to address the changes in Health education and the MCAT exam.

For more information about the Department of Sociology and Anthropology, contact Dr. Richard Colignon, Department Chair, at (314) 977-2900 or

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