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Stay tuned for more information on our 2017 Bellarmine Lecture!

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Who was St Robert Bellarmine, SJ?

    • Dr. Bernard McGinn, "Teresa of Avila: The Contemplative in Action"
    • Dr. Paula Fredricksen, "How Jewish Was God? God's Ethnicity According to Early Christians"
    • Elizabeth Johnson, "Is God's Charity Broad Enough for Bears? Creation and the God of Love"
    • Miguel Diaz, "On Being Human: God, Diplomacy, and the Common Good"
    • Linda Hogan, "Overcoming the Logic of Violence: A Christian Perspective"
    • Stanley Hauerwas, "War and Peace"
    • John O'Malley, "Papal Job Descriptions: Yesterday and Today"
    • Sandra M. Schneiders, "Before it's too Late...Violence, Reconciliation, and the Church"
    • Francis X. Clooney, "Great Is Your Faith: Christian Commentary on Hindu Prayer"
    • Hans-Josef Klauck, "Abraham and Kierkegaard: A Reading of Fear and Trembling"
    • Helmut Koester, "Paul’s Proclamation of God’s Justice for the Nations"
    • Jay P. Dolan, "In Search of an American Catholicism"
    • Jane Dammen McAuliffe, "Is there a Connection between the Bible and the Qur'an?"
    • Richard P. McBrien, "The Saints: An Ecclesiological Reflection"
    • John P. Meier, "Are there historical Links between the Historical Jesus and the Christian Ministry?"
    • Luke Timothy Johnson, "Koinonia: Diversity and Unity in Early Christianity"
    • Kallistos Ware, "Dare We Hope for the Salvation of All? Origen, Gregory of Nyssa, Isaac of Nineveh"
    • Gerald O'Collins, "Images of Jesus: Reappropriating Titular Christology"
    • Phyllis Trible, "A Tempest in a Text: Ecological Soundings in the Book of Jonah"
    • Fr. Joseph Fitzmyer, "The Dead Sea Scrolls and Early Christianity"
    • James Cone, "The Vocation of a Theologian"
    • Jacob Neusner, "The Spirituality of the Talmud: How Does Holy Israel Know God?"
    • Thomas Michel, "Christian-Muslim Dialogue in a Changing World"
    • Raimon Panikkar, "A Christophany for Our Times"
    • Josef Fuchs, "Innovative Morality"
    • Elisabeth Schussler Fiorenza, "Lk 13: 10-17: Interpretation for Liberation and Transformation"
    • Huston Smith, "Has Process Theology Dismantled Classical Theism?"
    • Lisa Sowle Cahill, "Catholicism, Ethics and Health Care Policy"
    • Piet Schoonenberg, "A Sapiential Reading of John's Prologue: Some Reflections on Views of Reginald Fuller and James Dunn"
    • Walter Brueggemann, "Old Testament Theology as a Particular Conversation: Adjudication of Israel's Socio-Theological Alternatives"
    • Monika K. Hellwig, "Emerging Issues in Soteriology"
    • Carl E. Braaten, "The Future of the Ecumenical Movement"
    • Richard A. McCormick, "Bioethics and Method: Where do We Start?"
    • Raymond E. Brown, "The Meaning of the Bible"
    • Mitchell Dahood, "The Ebla Tablets and Old Testament Theology"
    • Stanley M. Hauerwas, "Jesus: The Story of the Kingdom"
    • Martin E. Marty, "What is the Nature of the Disunity we seek-to Overcome?"
    • George W. Macrae, S.J, "The Gospel and the Church"
    • George A. Lindbeck, "Theological Revolutions and the Present Crisis"
    • David Tracy, "Religious Language as Limit-Language"
    • John T. Noonan, Jr., "Responding to Persons: Methods of Moral Argument in Debate over Abortion"
    • Bernard Lonergan, S.J., "The Origins of Christian Realism"
    • James M. Gustafson, "Spiritual Life and Moral Life"
    • Roland E. Murphy, O.Carm, "Christian Understanding of the Old Testament"
    • Avery Dulles, S.J., "The Contemporary Magisterium"
    • Jaroslav Pelikan, "Beyond Bellarmine and Harnack: The Present Task of the History of Dogma"
    • Robert McAfee Brown, "Ecumenism and the Secular Order"
    • Walter J. Burghardt, "Patristic Theology in an Ecumenical Age"
    • John L. Thomas, S.J., "The Church and Responsible Parenthood"
    • Roland de. Vaux, O.P., "The Hebrew Patriarchs and History"
    • John C. Bennett, "A Protestant View of Authority in the Church"
    • Gerald Kelly, S.J., "Christian Unity and Christian Marriage"
    • Jerome Gregory Kerwin, "Have We a place for the Layman?"
    • Godfrey Leo Diekmann, "The Theology of Worship"
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