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A quality graduate experience cannot be defined by just what happens in the classroom: you become part of a community of scholars in which you can fully participate. During your graduate education, there will be formal and informal situations that will enable you to develop life-long friendships and collaborative partnerships, as well as learning the meaning of the academic vocation from faculty and fellow students. Moreover, you can avail of opportunities to make a contribution to teaching and research in historical theology at Saint Louis University. Here are some of the "value-added" elements that can further enrich your time at the University.

  • The Reinert Center for Transformative Teaching and Learning offers a Certificate in University Teaching Skills that enables doctoral students to strengthen their pedagogical skills.  All students are encouraged to enroll by their fourth year in the program.
  • Adjunct Teaching is available to students who have completed their comprehensive examinations.  Teaching assignments are made by the Departmental Chair, and are based on availability of courses and the demonstrated competence of the student to teach within the context of a Jesuit, Catholic University.  Students are normally assigned  one or two sections of the freshman course, THEO 100 (Theological Foundations).  In the semester before they begin teaching, new adjuncts must attend a training session and then  receive regular advising from the Director of Adjunct Professors while they teach.  Students may also request teaching assignments in the summer session.  Subsequent  assignments are based on the recommendation of the Director of Adjunct Professors to the Departmental Chair and the data collected through the course evaluations at the end of each semester.
  • Language Reading Groups meet informally upon availability of a professor throughout the semester to encourage development and retention of language skills. These groups are usually headed by a professor and tend to focus upon primary texts in differing languages.
  • Jesuit Language Scholarship: The Saint Louis University Jesuit Community has made available funds for Ph.D. graduate students in Historical Theology. These funds, totaling up to $3,000, are designated for language immersion programs. Students who have already demonstrated competency in one of the languages required for the Ph.D. may apply for this scholarship.  Application forms are available in the department office and are to be submitted by March 1st for use during the following summer.  The graduate studies committee will review all the applications and make their recommendations to the chair of the department for a decision.  Upon completion of a language immersion program, the student, in accordance with university travel policy, must submit a brief written report to the chair of the department.
  • Funding Dissertation Research: PhD Candidate Elissa Cutter has compiled a very useful catalog of internal and external grants and funding opportunities available to graduate students (current as of the 2013-14 academic year). Download the entire catalog by clicking here.
  • The Center for Medieval and Renaissance Studies (CMRS) supports students, conferences, speakers, fellowships, library acquisitions, and professorships. Home to over fifty full-time faculty members, the Center also offers a graduate concentration in Medieval Studies.
  • Graduate Student Action Committee (DTS-SAC): The DTS-SAC is a committee of four graduate students in Historical Theology who meet periodically with the Director of Graduate Studies to plan and facilitate events for the graduate life of the department. They also provide continuing review of the program. The four students represent four different years of entry into the program and are elected to serve for one year by the students who began their full time study in that specific year. The departmental representative to the Graduate Student Advisory Council of the Graduate School is an "ex officio" member.
  • The Department of Theological Studies Graduate Student Action Committee (DTS SAC) is organized by graduate students (M.A. and Ph.D.) as a representative body for and in service to all the graduate students in the department. The goal of DTS SAC is to enhance the graduate student experience within the Department of Theological Studies. Learn more about DTS SAC by visiting their website.
  • Graduate Student Association: The GSA represents all full-time and part-time students enrolled in the Graduate School. It sponsors the annual Graduate Student Research Symposium to showcase research. The GSA also helps with funding for travel to academic conferences. The Department of Theological Studies has a representative to the university Graduate Student Association. This representative serves as a liaison between theology graduate students and the other graduate students throughout the university. Visit the GSA Website.

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