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There are two tracks in the MA in Theology program: Research and
Religious Education. Students apply for admission to the MA program in
one of these tracks and, upon admission, commit to fulfilling the
requirements and following the procedures for that particular track.

The Research track consists of a thirty-six (36) credit hour program of
study designed to train students in the craft of academic theology in a
manner that is both historically conscious and ethically engaged. All
students take courses in Systematic Theology, Theological Ethics,
Historical Theology, and scripture to deepen their understanding of the
historical roots and practical implications of theological reflection. In
addition to coursework, degree requirements include competency in at
least one foreign language and a 50-70 page thesis. The Research track
offers three areas of specialization: Systematic Theology, Theological
Ethics, and Historical Theology.

The Religious Education track consists of a thirty-three (33) credit hour
program of study designed to provide students with a strong background
in the discipline of theology, as well as training in the specific theological
and pedagogical tasks of a religious educator. As part of their coursework,
students in the Religious Education track must take a course in Ignatian
spirituality and pedagogy and complete six credit hours of field internship
work. In addition to coursework, degree requirements include a 20-25
page synthesis paper and comprehensive exams.

Below, please find links to the key forms, rubrics, and reading lists
used by the Department of Theological Studies.

Annual Review Form
Language Competency Exam Rubric
Thesis Proposal Rubric
Thesis Rubric
Thesis Oral Defense Rubric
Internship Evaluation Rubric
Synthesis Paper Rubric
Written Comprehensive Exam Rubric
Oral Comprehensive Exam Rubric
MA Reading Lists

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