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Doctor of Philosophy in Theological Studies (PhD)

Our doctoral program offers two concentrations that reflect areas of research excellence and depth among
our faculty: Christianity in Antiquity and Christian Theology.

The focal point of the Christianity in Antiquity (CA) concentration is early Christianity, from its origins
through the rise of Islam. This concentration deliberately bridges long-standing disciplinary boundaries
between New Testament, patristics, and early medieval Christianity, situating Christianity within the
Greco-Roman world and the wider religious cultures of the Mediterranean. Students in this area of
concentration acquire expertise in Second Temple and Rabbinic Judaism, as well as the early Islamic
period. Students are expected to take courses from faculty with relevant expertise outside the Department
and university.

The focal point of the Christian Theology (CT) concentration is Christian theology, broadly conceived.
This concentration trains students to become Christian theologians by providing students with a strong
background in the history of Christianity as well the various subfields of Christian theology. Students in
this area of concentration craft an integrated plan of study in one of several major theological disciplines
by means of coursework and individualized exams. Students will have the opportunity to work with
faculty in various interrelated disciplinary fields within and outside the Department: Biblical studies,
the history of Christianity, theological ethics, liturgical studies, and constructive, philosophical and
comparative theology.

For more information about the PhD program, please see the Graduate Student Handbook here.

The Department also participates in the Joint PhD in Theology and Health Care Ethics. Interested students
should contact the Center for Health Care Ethics.

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