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Since 2012, the Department of Theological Studies has offered students the option of pursuing an Accelerated Bachelor's / Master's Program (ABM), through which students can earn a BA and an MA within five years. Theology Majors may earn a Masters to accompany their Bachelors with one year of further study.

It is recommended that interested Majors contact the Director of the MA Program during their Junior year, to discuss and structure their individual program of studies.

  • Majors with a 3.4 GPA or above, and a major GPA of 3.6 or above may meet with the MA Director to discuss the possibility of applying to the program. Usually, initial conversations occur in the fall of the third year of undergraduate study. In the spring of their third year, if the Director approves, they may apply to the MA program and may be conditionally accepted, pending the conferral of the BA. They will not be required to take the GRE.

    Students who do not possess the GPA requirements will be informed that they can apply to the program with the possibility of provisional acceptance. Their acceptance will be contingent upon the quality of their application, and improved grades during their junior year. These students will not be eligible for tuition scholarship funding.

    Students seeking careers as high school religion teachers, campus ministers, pastoral ministers, or youth ministers are especially encouraged to apply.

  • The bachelor's degree at SLU requires 120 credit hours, of which six can count towards a master's program. The College of Arts and Sciences also recognizes that up to six undergraduate credits, taken on the 400/500 level, can count towards a master's degree.

    Our current MA program demands 36 credit hours, as well as comprehensive exams, in order to graduate.

    Double-counted hours: 6
    Hours taken as full-time students in fifth year: 18-24
    Remaining number of hours: 6-12
    Total: 36

    The remaining hours may be fulfilled by:

    *Using 1818 credits to fulfill requirements for the BA, freeing the student to take advanced theology classes in their junior and senior years.
    *Taking summer courses after the senior year.
    *Taking 18 hours in one or more semesters.

  • The cost of graduate education at SLU is currently $936/ credit hour. Students in their fifth year will be eligible for the 60% tuition scholarship if they enter the religious education track of the MA program. If they enter the research track, they will be eligible for the scholarship and tuition money for which other research-track students compete. If there are no funds available, they will pay $16,848 in tuition for their fifth year (assuming they take 18 hours).

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