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An undergraduate major in theology is the standard prerequisite for the MA in Theology. However, the Department may admit students who have had at least 18 hours in Theology (or Religious Studies with a strong theological component). The overall concern is that each MA student has the basic knowledge and skill set to succeed in a graduate program in theological studies. Deficiencies may be satisfied through specific, intensive, prerequisite courses offered by the Department of Theological Studies. Applicants with an undergraduate major in the humanities (with a strong liberal arts background) may also apply, although in these cases a greater number of prerequisite courses may be required in their first year.


Admission requires transcripts from all previous post-secondary education and GRE scores not more than five years old. In addition, applicants are to submit three letters of recommendation from college professors (or other persons who can testify to an applicant's ability to do advanced academic work in theology), and a 500-word, double-spaced statement indicating personal and academic goals.

Applications to the MA program must be submitted by Feb. 1, with the exception of applications of applicants to the Religious Education track, which are accepted on a rolling basis. All applicants for the program must apply through the Graduate School as "classified" students. The application can be completed online here.