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  • Graduate Education at SLU can help you:

  • We would like to hear about how you came to be interested in theology and why you want to pursue it, what has prepared you for graduate studies, and what you hope to do after you finish your MA program. It is also helpful for us to know why you think SLU would be a good fit for you.

  • Although a theology major is preferred, we accept candidates with many different backgrounds. Majors from other humanities fields can be great preparation for theological study. The quality of your undergraduate institution, recommendation letters, work experience in religious settings, writing ability, and personal reading can help establish your readiness for graduate study in theology.

  • Very few of our graduate students live on campus. St. Louis is a very affordable city and most students rent apartments or share a house with other students within 15 minutes of campus. Some are married with families and own homes in the area.

  • Some are high school teachers or campus ministers. Some go on to do doctoral work and teach at the university level. Others work in hospitals or non-profit organizations. See Job and Graduate School Placement for more details.

  • SLU's graduate program has always had a mix of Catholic, Protestant, and Orthodox students. In our graduate classes, we often have Catholic or Protestants who are preparing for ministry studying alongside lay people who are married or single, old or young. We think that our diversity is one of our strengths.

  • Students are able to take up to six credits (two courses) outside of the department of Theological Studies. Many students take advantage of SLU's Philosophy program Students may also take up to two courses at Aquinas School of Theology, which is just a short walk from SLU.

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