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Master of Arts in Theology

There are several forms of financial aid available to MA students.

Students in the research track will be considered for Research
Assistantships. A small number of half- or quarter-assistantships are
available. A half-assistantship provides students with a $9,000 stipend per
nine-month contract; a quarter-assistantship provides students with a
$4,500 stipend per nine-month contract. In exchange for the stipend,
students work as research assistants for the faculty to whom they are
assigned. Students on half-assistantships provide 10 hours of work per
week to faculty. Students on quarter-assistantships provide 5 hours of
work per week. RAs typically assist faculty with research and from time to
time help with teaching. Stipends may be used to pay tuition and are
often combined with tuition scholarship.

Full-time students are eligible for tuition scholarships. Occasionally,
awards are given to part-time students as well. Tuition scholarship may be
applied only to courses required for the degree. Although the department
attempts to meet the needs of all students, demands always exceed the
available resources. Students are to investigate other sources of funding.
The Office of Research Services at 314-977- 2241 and the Office of
Financial Aid at 314-977- 2350 are two excellent services located on
campus. Tuition scholarships are granted only to students in good
academic standing and to those who have no delinquent "Incompletes" in
their record. 

Saint Louis University and the Catholic Education Office of the
Archdiocese of Saint Louis sponsor a special program for religious
educators working in the Archdiocese of Saint Louis, including primary or
secondary school religion teachers and directors or coordinators of parish
religious education programs. Students in this program are eligible for a
tuition discount up to 60% if they enroll in the Religious Education track.

In addition to the above, the Department has available to it limited funds
to offset the cost of tuition and to cover other student initiatives. These
funding opportunities are routinely communicated to students at the end
of each spring semester.

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