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Mev Puleo Scholarship in Latin American Theology and Culture

Mev Puleo (1964-1996)

Mev Puleo was an educator, photojournalist and social change activist. A 1985 graduate of Saint Louis University, she used photographs and interviews to draw attention to the struggles and aspirations of the poor. Mev had a special love for the people of Latin America and traveled extensively to Brazil, El Salvador, Mexico and Haiti. Mev's vocation of advocacy, education and art was tragically cut short by a malignant brain tumor; she died in January 1996 at the age of 32. Her parents, Peter and Evelyn Puleo, established the Mev Puleo Scholarship in Latin American Theology in her honor.

The Mev Puleo Scholarship combines formal study and experiential learning to foster awareness and understanding of the people, religion, and culture of Latin American countries. It is the hope of Mr. and Mrs. Puleo that, like Mev, the recipients will become advocates for social justice.

For more information including instructions on how to apply, please click HERE.

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