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Constitution of the Theology Club of St. Louis University

The purpose of Theology Club is to create a forum for students interested in theology and its current developments.  It will provide an opportunity for ongoing and open discussion among faculty and students in an informal environment.  This will also facilitate possibilities for social events and fun activities among those who share similar interests.

The Theology Club wishes to join the academic and spiritual sides of theology to have open discussions about pertinent issues.  The information learned in the classroom and introduced at the meetings can be considered and expanded upon further than what a large classroom setting would allow.  By joining together students  and faculty, knowledge and insights can be shared that will benefit all those present.


     a. Members: Membership in the SLU Theology Club is open to all St. Louis Universtiy undergraduate and graduate students as well as faculty.   No person will be denied membership or discriminated against because of religious beliefs, ethnicity, political beliefs, sex or race.

     b. Officers: The officers of the Theology Club are President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, and Public Relations.  Their term of office has the duration of one year.  The officers are undergraduate or graduate students of St. Louis University.  They exhibit leadership abilities and a dedication to the purpose of the Theology Club.

     c. Faculty Advisor: The faculty advisor of the Theology Club will be a member of the Theology Department of St. Louis University.  They exhibit a desire to interact with students in a more informal setting.  They also show a dedication to the purpose of the Theology Club.

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