Major Research Center for Self Discovery

Breakthrough moments, day after day

Saint Louis University researchers are working on a cure for Hepatitis B.  They helped innovate the flu vaccine and created a battery that runs on sugar. But discoveries -- big and small -- happen around SLU every day.

Students make connections in the classroom that lead them to know not only more about the world around them, but more about themselves. They discover what they will do and who they will be.

Following the rigorous academic tradition of the Jesuits, SLU offers students something rare in higher education: the opportunity to join premier faculty in labs and libraries, engaging in studies that lead not only to their personal success but also to the improvement of the world around them.

Here, hands-on learning is not only for research fellows -- it starts as early as freshman year. SLU students at all levels present at research symposiums, co-author published scientific papers and are honored by professional associations.

Students learn to form ideas, and identities.

Real Research, Real Breakthroughs

Biology students investigate life sciences at the Missouri Botanical Garden and the Saint Louis Zoo. Physics students have researched quantum mechanics while a quartet of undergraduates at Parks College of Engineering, Aviation and Technology worked on a prototype for a Small Unmanned Aircraft System that was evaluated by the Department of Homeland Security. 

At SLU, it's all about charting new ground. Students are challenged in the classroom to seek new perspectives and outside of it to serve people.

Mission trips take students to regions in need, where they provide solutions to existing problems and spot opportunities to address emerging challenges, while volunteer and service projects offer an opportunity to make an impact close to home.

In fact, from the cutting-edge labs in the Doisy Research Center to world-class libraries with access to documents as rare as the Gutenberg bible, the inspiration to innovate is all around Saint Louis University.  

Millions in Support, in Support of Millions

The Carnegie Foundation recognizes SLU's high activity in the area of research while U.S. News & World Report ranks it among the top research universities in the country. More than $53 million flowed into the University last year in the form of research support. What happens as a result of those funds has untold impact.

Staff, faculty and a multidisciplinary team of student researchers at the Center for Aviation Safety Research use grant money to take airline security to new heights, while the Center for World Health & Medicine tackles neglected diseases like river blindness and childhood diarrhea -- conditions that ravage the developing world but don't get attention from big pharmaceutical companies. Clinical trials conducted at SLU seek solutions for everything from traumatic brain injury to the plague.

Sometimes before you find your place in the world, you have to find yourself.

The inspiration to innovate. The courage to change the world. It's all happening at Saint Louis University. It's all in service of a higher purpose, a greater good. 

About "Higher Purpose. Greater Good." These words embody the Jesuits' nearly 500-year history of service for the greater glory of God and represent SLU's mission to pursue truth and serve humanity. In a substantial way, the phrase "Higher Purpose. Greater Good." touches on all the things that make SLU special -- outstanding academics, faith, service and history. Find out more.
Higher purpose. Greater good.
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