SLU's Oath of Inclusion

The History of the Oath

After several bias incidents that took place on Saint Louis University's campus came to light in the spring semester of 2010, the SLU community felt very divided and broken. This was a time when SLU needed initiatives to promote inclusion and reinstate the sense of community that defines our university and its Jesuit vision. SLU students who felt a personal attachment to the bias incidents demanded that the university take action by providing a student creed, a document for all SLU students, who would be expected to promote diversity and inclusion as a part of this university's community.

From that demand, Student Government Association (SGA) took the initiative to develop the student creed. They extended invitations to SLU students beyond SGA, and that group developed several drafts of the student creed, which eventually came to be known as the Oath of Inclusion. The work to create the most perfect oath of inclusion started in the summer of 2010 and ended in April of 2011, when the launch of the Oath of Inclusion took place.

This oath is now a document that sets up the expectation for all students, once admitted to Saint Louis University, to promote inclusion on our campus and use resources offered by SLU to aid them in that process. Though 100 percent inclusion at SLU may seem like a large feat to accomplish, the community support developed in the efforts to establish inclusion is certainly a step in the right direction and an inspiration of what we can accomplish together.

Higher purpose. Greater good.
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