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A Novel Modulator of Cellular Neoplasia And A Target Useful For Assessing Malignancy of Tumor Cells and Screening of Anti-Cancer Drugs.

Inventor: Dr. Govindaswamy Chinnadurai


A novel human protein, designated as CtIP (C-terminal binding protein interacting protein), which binds to the cellular C-terminal binding protein (CtBP) has been isolated, sequenced and characterized. The human CtIP protein contains the same five amino acid motif (PLDLS) that is present in adenovirus E1A proteins which bind to human CtBP.The interaction of adenovirus E1A proteins with CtBP leads to suppression of tumorigenesis and tumor metastasis of cells transformed with E1A and activated T24 Ras oncogene. Deletion of the PLDLS motif in CtIP abolishes its ability to bind to CtBP. CtIP also interacts with tumor suppressor proteins BRCA-1 and the pRb family of proteins.

Various CtIP-related laboratory reagents and methods are available for use in R&D directed to the discovery and development cancer diagnostic tests and anti-cancer therapeutic agents targeted to modulation of the CtIP-CtBP interaction, including: (i) monoclonal and polyclonal antibodies directed against human CtBP and human CtIP, (ii) a transformed cell line expressing human CtIP, (iii) isolated and purified human CtIP polynucleotides and polypeptides (and fragments thereof), (iv) cDNA clone CtIP, (v) a method for determining malignancy of a cell in a patient, (vi) an immunoassay for CtIP, (vii) a method for detecting CtIP mRNA, (viii) a method for screening inhibitors of neoplasia, and (ix) a method for evaluating levels of cellular expression of the CtIP gene and quantitation of CtIP protein activity.

Application: The human CtIP protein described here relates to methods and compositions useful for the development of in vitro assays for diagnosis of tumor malignancy as well as to compositions which may be useful for suppressing tumor growth and metastasis in patients.


Keywords: neoplasia, cancer diagnosis, angiogenesis, breast cancer, tumor specific antigen, oncogene, tumor, CtIP assay, CBP


US Patent No.: 5,773,599 (Date: June 30, 1998);
PCT/US98/26505 WO 99/29334 (Date: 17 June 1999);
US Serial No. 09/581,094 (Filed: Aug. 18, 2000) - US National Phase of PCT/US98/26505.

License: Collaborative research and licensing opportunities are available.

Reference Number: SLU-1004

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