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The following must be submitted in eIRB:

  • All new IRB Protocols (except HUD, Emergency Use, WIRB or CIRB Applications)
  • Subsequent amendments, safety reporting, continuing review, and closures of those new eIRB protocols

Post-approval submissions for existing paper protocols (HUDs, Emergency Use, WIRB, CIRB or pre-existing Exempt Protocols), should be done using paper forms (See Forms and Instructions page). 

Access to eIRB:

Resources for Investigators
Please use the following resources as you prepare to submit in eIRB:

eIRB Investigator Guide (Version update coming soon)

New Protocol Submission Quick Sheet

Department/Division-Specific New Protocol Submission Requirements

"How to" Videos and Help Guides

How to Delete a Form/Protocol (March 2014)

Obtaining Pre-Review Approval Signature(s) (April 2013)

Proof of Human Subjects Training in eIRB (February 2014)

How to Disable Pop Up Blocker (July 2013)

How to Know if You Submitted Your Protocol (August 2012)

Video:  How to Submit Your eIRB Protocol (5 min)

Click here for additional eIRB Tips

Resources for Pre-Reviewers (Department Chairs, Advisors, Scientific Reviewers)

eIRB Pre-Review (Dept Chair/Faculty Advisor Approval) Guide (Version update coming soon)

eIRB Pre-Review (Dept Chair/Faculty Advisor Approval) Quick Sheet

System Information and Documentation

PDF System Clarification Document

Approval Letter System Clarification Document

Acknowledgment Letter System Clarification Document

July 2014 eIRB Release Notes (New)

Need Support?

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