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Missouri Statutes
Health and Welfare (191) 191.656 Confidentiality of reports and records, exceptions--violation, civil action for injunction, damages, costs and attorney fees--health care provider participating in judicial proceeding, immune from civil liability.
Department of Health and Senior Services (192) 192.067 Patients' medical records, department may receive information from --purpose--confidentiality--immunity for persons releasing records, exception--penalty--costs, how paid.
Child Protection and Reformation (210) 210.115 Reports of Abuse, Neglect, and under age Eighteen Deaths
Child Protection and Reformation (210) 210.135 Immunity from liability granted to reporting person or institution, when--exception.
Child Protection and Reformation (210) 210.140 Privileged communication not recognized, exception.
General Provisions as to Contracts (431) 431 General Provisions as to Contracts
General Provisions as to Contracts (431) 431.060 Contracts by persons under eighteen years of age--ratification necessary--how made.
General Provisions as to Contracts (431) 431.061 Consent to surgical or medical treatment, who may give, when.
General Provisions as to Contracts (431) 431.062 Minor cannot disaffirm contract, when--parents or guardian not liable, exception--disclosure by physician authorized, when.
General Provisions as to Contracts (431) 431.063 Implied consent, when valid--lack of consent, when excused--emergency defined.
General Provisions as to Contracts (431) 431.064 Experimental treatment, tests, and drugs, consent to administer by third party.
Offenses Against the Person (565) 565.188 Report of elder abuse, penalty--false report, penalty--evidence of prior convictions.
Illinois Statutes
Public Health (410) Act 50 Medical Patient Rights Act
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