Saint Louis University

Before submission of new protocols to the IRB, unsponsored, investigator-initiated research protocols must be submitted to a departmental or divisional Scientific Review Committee or representative. 

See Guidelines for Scientific Review

Scientific review must be completed by a qualified individual (not students) who is not on the research team. Investigators are allowed to select the Scientific Pre-reviewer; however, many units have designated individuals who MUST be selected to complete the review. 

See Department/Division-Specific Guidelines for eIRB Submission Pre-Review Requirements.

Completing Scientific Review

The Scientific Review process is conducted within the eIRB system. See Video: How to Conduct an eIRB Pre-Review (8 min).

If the process was not completed within eIRB, the form located at the end of the Guidelines for Scientific Review can be completed and uploaded to the Attachments page of the IRB Application in eIRB.

Scientific reviewers are asked to review projects for adequacy of background literature review, appropriate scientific design, data analysis and safety oversight.

Scientific reviewers may use the Scientific Review Worksheet to assist them in their review. 

Questions about Scientific Review

While the IRB does require Scientific Review as stated in the Guidelines above, academic unit leadership can dictate their own requirements. Given this, researchers may contact the IRB Office for questions about the overall policy and guidelines, but questions about the division requirements or quality or timeliness of scientific review should be directed to unit leadership.