Saint Louis University

Mandatory IRB/Human Subjects Protection Training

In accordance with federal regulations and SLU policies, training on the involvement of human subjects in research is mandatory at Saint Louis University. 

All faculty, staff, students, and collaborating researchers who conduct human subjects research must complete the course of instruction offered by the Collaborative Institutional Review Board Training Initiative (CITI) Human Subjects Training at the website given below or provide documentation of having completed a comparable human subjects research training course. 

Investigators taking the CITI training must complete all required modules, regardless of where the research is being conducted. Investigators who have completed a human subjects research training course other than CITI may provide a copy of their training certificate to the IRB Office with their IRB application or to The SLU IRB will determine whether the training course satisfies the mandatory education requirement. 

For CITI training, please register at the following site:

There is a course for biomedical research, a course for social/behavioral research, and a course for external collaborators (non-SLU collaborators who don't routinely do research, but are helping to conduct a particular study). Please complete at least one of the courses as it relates to you/your research. You must satisfactorily complete all modules and quizzes in order to pass the course.

  • Biomedical Research: Individuals who conduct any biomedical research should select this course during the registration process.
  • Social/Behavioral Research: Individuals who conduct only social/behavioral research should select this course during the registration process. 
  • External Collaborator: This course is for non-SLU collaborators, such as community partners (not SLU faculty, staff or students), who are assisting on a SLU research project and have been instructed to take this course. Those who routinely partner on SLU research should select the Biomedical or Social/Behavioral Research basic courses instead of this course.

Persons new to CITI (do not have an existing account) can follow these instructions: click here.

Persons who have a CITI account, but took the course through a non-SLU institution, or persons who are required to take an additional CITI course can follow these instructions: click here.  

Training Documentation: After you complete the online CITI course, you should print a completion report for your records. CITI will email the completion report to the SLU training coordinator so that the IRB will have a record of your training. Documentation of an approved educational program must be on file with the IRB Office before research on human subjects may begin.

CITI GCP Training:

While not required by SLU, many industry sponsors mandate the completion of GCP training with refresher training every three years. In addition, the NIH Policy on Good Clinical Practice Training for NIH Awardees Involved in NIH-funded Clinical Trials (NOT-OD-16-148, effective date January 1, 2017), mandates GCP training every three years. SLU clinical researchers are able to take the CITI GCP training to satisfy these requirements. Researchers outside of a sponsor mandate are also encouraged to take the optional GCP Course in CITI to learn more about regulations that are unique to clinical trials and the importance of using good clinical practice in the conduct of clinical research. NOTE: GCP course completion does not count toward the mandatory IRB/Human Subjects Protections education requirement noted above.

Optional IRB Courses/Continuing Education

The SLU IRB offers a variety of education sessions. For a menu of available courses, please visit our Workshops page and for upcoming sessions see the Workshop Calendar page.

In-Person: Customized sessions or presentations, from a 15-minute "Who We Are" IRB introduction to a lengthier session or series of sessions fully tailored to your unit's needs can be requested. Instructors interested in scheduling an IRB education session for your students, or departments interested in scheduling a session for faculty or staff, please contact the IRB at 977-9813.

Online: Online workshops are routinely offered and are open to all SLU affiliated research personnel (including faculty, staff and students).