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Use of Central IRBs


Saint Louis University has established partnerships with the following central IRBs: NCI CIRB, StrokeNet IRB, Western IRB (WIRB)/Copernicus Group, Schulman Associates IRB (SAIRB) and Quorum Review IRB.  WIRB and Copernicus Group IRB (CGIRB) united in 2013; thus, WIRB-CGIRB shared reviews are included in our reliance partnership.

Importantly, these are the only central IRBs that SLU researchers can use at this time. If you have a study that requires reliance on another IRB, please contact IRB Director, Melissa Fink at or 977-9814.


** SLU authorization is required to use a Central IRB **


Can I use a Central IRB?

A clinical trial may be eligible for submission to a central IRB if it meets all of the following criteria*:

  • Is an industry-sponsored, multi-center clinical trial
  • Has already been pre-reviewed or approved by a partner central IRB (submitted by sponsor or another site)
  • Procedures take place at an authorized site (SLU, SLU Hospital, and SSM sites)
  • Is not an HUD
  • SLU investigators do not hold the IND or IDE 
  • Study was not previously reviewed by SLU IRB

*NCI CIRB serves studies sponsored by the National Cancer Institute and is limited to SLU- and CIRB-approved Principal Investigators and CIRB-approved studies. The list of eligibility criteria does not apply to NCI CIRB. 

What steps do I take to submit to a Central IRB?

Who should I contact if I have questions?

Questions about submission to the central IRBs: contact Emily Harrison at or 314-977-7741 or contact the central IRBs directly (contact information on individual sub-pages).

Questions regarding whether SLU is willing to rely on another external IRB/central IRB: contact Melissa Fink, IRB Director at or 314-977-9814.



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