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NCI CIRB (CIRB) is a central IRB that conducts IRB review of selected NCI-sponsored trials. It is open only to NCI-sponsored trials and SLU- and CIRB-approved Principal Investigators. If a PI has interest in becoming an authorized investigator, contact Melissa Fink, IRB Director, at or 977-9814.

Can I use CIRB?

A clinical trial may be eligible for submission to CIRB if it meets all of the following criteria:

  • Proposed research has active CIRB approval (
  • Proposed research will be conducted by a CIRB-approved PI
  • Proposed research does not involve prisoners

What steps do I take to submit to CIRB?

Refer to the Guidelines for using NCI CIRB and the Quick Sheet for Submitting to the NCI CIRB for details on how to submit.

Use the NCI CIRB Application to gain authorization from SLU to submit to CIRB. Note that CIRB-SLU Boilerplate language must be incorporated into the locally-developed consent/assent forms. The SLU site is also responsible for developing a HIPAA Authorization form for local use.

What do I need to do after approval?

CIRB and Saint Louis University each have responsibilities for overseeing this research, thus there are reporting requirements to both organizations. Refer to the Guidelines for using NCI CIRB for specific requirements.

Who should I contact if I have questions?

Questions about the CIRB process and SLU requirements should go to Emily Harrison at or 314-977-7741.

Questions regarding CIRB submission and reporting requirements are best handled by contacting CIRB directly or by visiting

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