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In an ongoing effort to connect SLU investigators and project directors to funding for their research and scholarly activities, the Office of Research Development & Services (ORDS) offers the following services.

IMPORTANT: Applicants who find an opportunity of interest that is a Limited Submission should notify their ORDS representative as soon as possible to ensure their eligibility to apply.  EXAMPLE:  A sponsor may accept only a specified number of applications from an institution or school/college.

Funding Bla$t
Several times per month and via SLU's Research Network listserv, ORDS issues a list of interesting and high profile opportunities for which SLU's particular expertise and experience may offer a competitive edge. These opportunities often involve multidisciplinary collaborations. To subscribe to Research Network, contact ORDS.

Opportunity Databases
SLU also subscribes to several external funding opportunity databases. ORDS staff are available to train faculty, staff, and students in how to optimize their search efforts utilizing these resources. Contact your ORDS representative for details.

  • - Register for federal opportunities that match your field of interest



SLU also offers several internal awards.

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