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Award Management

Grant Closeouts - When a grant reaches its expiration date, Principal Investigators must submit a Final Invention Statement, a Final Progress Report, and a Financial Status Report (FSR) through eCommons within 90 days of the expiration date.

The Office of Sponsored Programs will work with you to prepare the FSR. These documents should first be uploaded to the associated eRS Transmittal Form as a Related Document. When all necessary approvals are acquired, PI accesses the "Closeout" feature for the subject grant, uploads the Final Progress Report, and completes the Final Invention Statement. An ORS Signing Official submits both through eCommons to NIH. The Office of Sponsored Programs files the FSR through eCommons.

Grant Extensions (No Cost)

First No-Cost Extension Request - PI sends written request to ORS with justification for the need to extend the grant.  ORS approves the request on eCommons.

Second No-Cost Extension Request - Requires prior approval from NIH. Submit written request addressed to Grants Management Specialist with grant number, PI contact information, justification for the extension, and a budget if carryover is included. ORS will submit to NIH by email.

Grant Transfers

Transfer a Grant to SLU from Another Institution - Institution PI is leaving must complete a Relinquishing Statement, Final Invention Statement and an FSR. PI completes the PHS 398 paper NIH application and submits to SLU for signature through eRS, along with the Relinquishing Statement. PI sends to NIH Grants Management Specialist. SLU receives a new Notice of Award.

Alert ORS to any subcontracts which need to be re-issued from SLU.

Transfer a Grant from SLU to Another Institution

Prepare a Relinquishing Statement and Final Invention Statement for signature by ORS and begin preparation of Financial Status Report with the Office of Sponsored Programs. Submit all to NIH.

Request that ORS prepare an amendment to cancel any subcontracts related to the grant transfer. The new institution will have to re-issue the subcontract.

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