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Building Your NIH Application

7. _  Let your departmental grants support staff and your ORDS representative know that you are preparing a proposal.

8. _  Print a copy of the SLU NIH-Application Checklist. Please note all NIH proposals must contain the following (unless otherwise specified in the funding announcement):

- Cover Letter
- Modular Budget (as applicable)
- Detailed Budget (as applicable)
- Budget Justification
- Biographical Sketch
- Research Strategy
- Bibliography/ Literature Cited
- Resources & Facilities

The SLU NIH-Application Checklist also features crucial tips and recommendations based on the experience of ORDS staff and SLU faculty.

9. _  Go over your funding announcement in close detail to note any specific application requirements or review criteria unique to your program or solicitation:

10. _ Find SLU-specific information on the ORDS Information Commonly Needed webpage.

11. _ If you are preparing a collaborative proposal, please note that SLU requires that a Letter of Consortium, Scope of Work, and separate budget/ budget justification be submitted for any offsite collaborators or subawards. Upload these documents to eRS with your proposal.


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