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NIH Just-in-Time Information and Progress Reports

Progress Reports - Saint Louis University uses NIH's eSNAP system to submit Progress Reports. Instructions for the eSNAP Progress Report through eCommons. PIs receive notification to complete their Progress Report two months before the close of the current budget period.

Just-in-Time Information - When a proposal is considered for funding, NIH requests by email that the Principal Investigator provide a list of Current and Pending Support and verification of approved protocols when the use of animals or human subjects is part of the research. PIs have two weeks to provide this information, from the date the email notification is sent.

Current and pending support should be uploaded to eRS as a Related Document on the original Transmittal Form. When all parties have approved, this document should also be uploaded to the eCommons JIT hyperlink enabled for the subject grant application. An authorized representative in ORS will submit the information electronically to NIH.


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