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The Grants Process at SLU: A Step-by-Step Guide

Requests for funding for sponsored research and scholarly activities can be in the form of grants, contracts and subcontracts, all of which travel through the three main stages of the Grants Process:

  • Review the Policy for Externally Sponsored Programs: Grants, Contracts and Agreements 
  • Proposal Submission
  • Award/Declination Notification
  • Award Management

Department Chairs, Deans and the Office of Research Development & Services (ORDS) review and approve all funding requests. In addition, grant proposals, contracts and subcontracts are also reviewed for compliance issues (human subjects, animal use, Conflict of Interest in Research, Export Controls, Biosafety).

This section provides a guide for principal investigators in submitting proposals and managing awards for the three types of requests.

For All Grants, Contracts and Subcontracts - Preliminary Tasks

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