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Research contracts are negotiated between the institution and the sponsor.

The Office of Research Development & Services (ORDS) is the only unit on campus that is authorized by the Board of Trustees and the President of Saint Louis University to negotiate and legally bind the institution to research contract terms and conditions.

Action Steps:

  1. Contact Your ORDS Representative.
  2. Provide a Scope of Work, Budget, Budget Justification and contact information for the sponsor. If sponsor has sent a contract, provide that document to ORDS also.
  3. ORDS will complete SLU's contract template, or review the sponsor's, make any necessary changes and deletions, and return to you to send to the sponsor for their signature.
  4. Sponsor agrees to contract terms:
    1. Obtain institutional approvals.(uploading pdf version of contract with sponsor signature)
    2. Return fully executed (copy of the contract with sponsor and institutional signatures) copy of contract to sponsor.
  5. Sponsor does not agree to contract terms:
    1. ORDS will conduct negotiations with sponsor until agreement is reached (see #4), or the decision is made to abandon negotiations.
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