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Set Up and Manage Your Award

IRB/IACUC/Biosafety Approved Protocols
1. Ensure that your IRB and IACUC protocols have been approved.
2. ORDS will not authorize expenditure of grant funds without approved protocols.

Fund Creation
1. Complete a Fund Request Form and Request for Budget form available on the Business and Finance website.
2. Submit to chair and dean for approvals, then route to ORDS.
3. ORDS will route to the Office of Sponsored Programs Administration (OSP) for fund set-up.
4. OSP will alert the department of the new fund number.

Prepare an Outgoing Subaward (if applicable)
1. Ask your ORDS representative to prepare the subcontract based on information submitted with the original proposal.

Monitor Monthly Expenditures
1. Each month, verify that the correct expenditures were charged appropriately to your fund.
2. Contact the Office of Sponsored Programs Administration if there are discrepancies.

Complete Progress Reports as Directed by Sponsor
1. Upload these to the Related Documents section of the appropriate eRS Transmittal form and receive approvals.
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