Saint Louis University

Frequently, principal investigators are asked to complete a research task as part of a grant proposal submission of another institution. This is handled as an intention to subcontract from the institution receiving the primary award from the sponsor. In lieu of a grant application, the SLU principal investigator provides the following documentation to ORDS:

Scope of Work- This is a several paragraph long description of the exact research task that the SLU PI will conduct.

- A detailed listing of expenses per major budget category (Salary, Fringe Benefits, Supplies, etc.)

Budget Justification
- A narrative explanation of how expenses in the budget were calculated.

Letter of Intent to Enter Into Consortium
- Signed by ORDS, this template includes language that assures the prime institution that SLU approves of the PIs participation in this project. Download the template.

Action Steps:

  1. Obtain Institutional Approvals: Upload Scope of Work, Budget, Budget Justification and Letter of Intent to Enter into Consortium to the "Attachment Status" section of the eRS Transmittal Form.
  2. Submit Proposal to Contact at Institution - PI sends documents listed above to primary institution when all SLU signatures have been obtained.
  3. Receive Subcontract - If awarded, primary institution sends SLU subcontract and their Notice of Award.
  4. ORDS Review of Subcontract - Negotiates if necessary, signs, returns to PI.
  5. Upload Fully-Executed Subcontract (with all parties signatures obtained) to eRS
  6. Set Up and Manage Your Award