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Thanks to everyone who responded to the survey sent out this past spring, which helped inform the re-design of this program. The Office of Corporate and Foundation Relations (CFR) and the Office of Research Services and Development (ORDS) will co-host four brown bag lunch sessions of the ONE Series during the 2014/2015 academic year focused on topics that were prevalent in survey responses. While all topics and formats suggested cannot be addressed this year, we hope to continue to host sessions of interest to faculty and staff in coming years.

Please mark your calendars now for these sessions and RSVP by clicking here.

Feel free to bring a lunch/drink with you. Water will be provided.

2014/2015 ONE Series Schedule:



Date: September 17, 2014
Time: Noon - 1 pm
Location: DuBourg Hall, Rm. 157

Obesity is a frequent topic in many circles. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention labels obesity as "common, serious, and costly" and we know that prevalence varies by region, across groups, and socioeconomic status. According to the Yale Rudd Center for Food Policy and Obesity, "obesity exacts a tremendous price on overweight individuals, leading to serious chronic health conditions, disability, and psychological suffering. Society-wide, the economic burden of obesity is similarly substantial, calling for urgent preventive action from health insurers, businesses, government and other stakeholders."


SPECIAL EDITION:  Focus on Ferguson

Date: November 13, 2014
Time: 3:30pm - 5pm
Location: Scott Hall, SLU Law, downtown campus

Across campus, there is tremendous faculty, staff, and student involvement in issues around social justice and the recent shooting in Ferguson. We know that SLU investigators want to conduct interdisciplinary, long-term research projects with practical applications in our community. In response to these critical events, SLU LAW will co-host a special edition of the ONE Series focusing on networking and interdisciplinary coordination of longer-term sponsored research projects. SLU LAW has begun to catalog current efforts, and we hope to offer an opportunity to connect these and similar efforts throughout the SLU community. 



Date: November 19, 2014
Time: Noon - 1 pm
Location: Il Monastero

Violence is a part of human existence around the world : child abuse, gang and street violence, domestic violence, violence based on racial, religious and sexual differences, bullying, mass shootings in public places, road rage, kidnapping and sex trafficking, warfare, self-violence, and the list goes on. What are the social, emotional, political, economic and health ramifications? How does it affect our cities, our neighborhoods, childhood, parenting, perceptions of safety, the ability to meet daily needs? What are the implications on the prison system, police training, schools, job development, urban development, gun laws? What is the source - stress, unemployment, poverty, mental illness, substance abuse, intolerance, fanaticism, processed food? This is a big issue that affects many aspects of human life and development and is of particular interest in the U.S., where violence in everyday life is prevalent.


K-12/Pre-College Education 

Date: January 21, 2015
Time: Noon - 1 pm
Location: Il Monastero

K-12 education is the future of our society; STEM, Learning Disabilities, Autism, Standardized Tests, Learning Styles, ADHD, Special Education, Executive Skills, Occupational Therapy and Communication Disorders. What do we do to train the teachers of tomorrow? How do we help the students of today? Many areas of study throughout the SLU campus touch on these topics.


Healthy Communities - Sustainability

 Date: April 22, 2015
Time: Noon - 1 pm
Location: Boileau Hall

Human beings are drawn to form communities. These communities sustain us and play vital roles in our health and well-being: physical, emotional, spiritual, cultural, and global. While we tend to see sustainability and community health through environmental or public health lenses, these concerns encompass vaster arrays of research interests. A small sampling, as detailed in the City of St. Louis's recently adopted Sustainability Plan includes:
• Sustainable job creation and economic growth
• Highly integrated neighborhoods that include transit access and walkability
• Access to civic and cultural programs and spaces
• Promotion and conservations of the city's green space, biodiversity, and environment
• Preservations of the city's historic, architectural and community heritage
• Urban agriculture
• Promotion of access to educational, health, and other community support services
These areas only touch on a few aspects of what it means to create and sustain a healthy community, locally or globally. These needs cross traditional academic boundaries. Collaborations are needed to meet them. The 21st Century presents challenges and opportunities to our communities in unprecedented ways.


The purpose of the ONE series is to provide opportunities for multidisciplinary collaboration within the SLU research and scholarly community around key topics of interest. Faculty and staff focused on particular research or programs will have the opportunity to engage with each other and community partners in order to build collaborations that will meet research and programming needs and strengthen funding submissions. These topics cut across a variety of disciplines and specialties, offering a wealth of opportunities for collaboration. Please join us and your colleagues for an opportunity to spark conversations at SLU and to meet and develop networks with other SLU researchers. All are welcome.