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Pre Award Activities

Upon notification that an award had been accepted and after verifying that there are no outstanding compliance issues (i.e., IRB, IACUC), the Office of Sponsored Programs Administration( OSP) will issue a new fund number or extend the performance period of an existing fund within 24 hours. In certain cases, a pending fund number or extension can be issued based on the sponsor's documented intent to award and secured by a department designated fund. See Anticipated Fund Number Guidelines for more information.

Post Award Responsibilities

It is the policy of Saint Louis University that all awarded projects are administered through the Office of Sponsored Programs Administration. OSP is responsible for maintaining and monitoring all grants and contracts awarded to Saint Louis University to ensure compliance with University policies and procedures, governmental and agency rules and regulations, and cost accounting standards. All fiscal reports for sponsored agreements must be signed by an Authorized University Representative.

A major function of the Office of Sponsored Programs Administration is to provide continuing education for investigators and support staff in the proper administration of grants and contracts. OSP schedules monthly meetings to discuss pertinent topics including effort reporting, OMB circulars, and project closeout. See Education and Training for a description of upcoming events. Staff members are available to provide individual and group training sessions upon request.

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