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00-011 Factor IXa: Factor VIIIa interaction and methods therefore

01-002 Proteins with an attached short peptide of acidic amino acids

03-013 Method of manufacturing a stellate cell death factor

03-019 Methods and compositions for vaccination

06-002 Polypeptide fragment of constitutive coactivator of PPARgamma

06-013 Chimeral polypeptide composition for cross-placenta delivery

06-030 Methods and compositions for activated Protein C mutant with reduced anticoagulant properties

06-047 Compositions and methods for treating immune system mediated diseases

10-006 Method and composition for the management of cardiovascular disease with oligonucleotides

10-007 Delivery of therapeutic agents to the bone

10-010 Virus-expressing host costimulation molecules

10-018 Peptides for inducing heterosubtypic influenza T cell responses

10-021 Method of treating chronic pain

10-032 Expression of anticoagulant thrombin mutants in Escherichia coli

10-036 Prenatal enzyme replacement therapy

10-038 Compositions and methods of treating disease by stimulating ATP release by red blood cells

11-002 Use of adenosine A3 receptor agonists for treatment of neuropathic pain

11-008 Compositions/therapy targeting neuromuscular junction

11-015 Adenovirus E1A fragments for use in anti-cancer therapies

11-017 Methods for treating inflammation

11-027 Use of indomethacin-based drugs to treat Cornelia de Lange Syndrome

98-003 Temperature-sensitive and cold-adapted human parainfluenza virus type 2 (HPIV-2) and vaccines based on such virus

99-018 Animal feed containing polypeptides

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