Saint Louis University

Saint Louis University is committed to maintaining a safe and healthy research environment, where exposure to biological, chemical, and physical health hazards is kept to minimum levels. In an effort to mitigate risk and ensure compliance with applicable local, state, and federal regulations, the University has established the Occupational Health Program for Laboratory and Animal Research (OHP).  The principal objective of the OHP is to prevent occupational injury and illness. 

The Vice President for Research has approved the University Occupational Health Program for Laboratory and Animal Research Policy (RC-006) to ensure that all persons at the University who are potentially exposed to some level of risk because of their work in or near a research laboratory and/or animal facility have access to the OHP.

University Policy RC-006 applies to all persons working at the University including staff, faculty, students, independent contractors, collaborators, and other non-university personnel who work in or near a research laboratory and/or animal facility. All individuals working in or having access to Saint Louis University research laboratories or animal research facilities must participate in the OHP.  Participation in the OHP is also required under the Select Agent Rule (42 CFR 73) and under the NIH Guidelines for Recombinant DNA by individuals working with Risk Group 3 recombinant materials.

For persons who meet the above criteria, the extent and level of participation in the OHP is based on a risk assessment of the hazards posed by their assigned duties and the applicable setting including: animals and hazardous materials used; exposure intensity, duration, and frequency; susceptibility of personnel; and history of occupational illness and injury in the workplace.

Enrollment information is provided here. Individuals working within SLU animal facilities who are involved in the direct care of vertebrate animals and their living quarters; those individuals who have direct contact with animals (live or dead), their viable tissues, body fluids, or wastes should also refer to the Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee web pages.