Saint Louis University

Welcome to the site of the Research Technology Group (RTG) of Saint Louis University! 

If you are conducting research at the university and have information management or technology needs, you are at the right site! We are here to help you understand your needs, explore all the options that are available to you, and either guide you to the right direction or provide support for realizing those needs.

The Research Technology Group (RTG) works in conjunction with the Advance Technology Group in ITS and has a split report to the Vice President for Research and the Vice President of Information Technology Service (ITS). We are committed to providing collaborations and technology services to the SLU research community that help enable the University to be a top research institution. We believe that by providing the necessary technical support for the research community, Research will help drive student enrollment growth in the future as a differentiator as well as attract and nurture high caliber faculty.

Contact Information

For general questions about research technology, please e-mail us at

RTG Employees

R. Scott Amendola
Fusz Memorial Hall, Room 250

Hong Song
Application Design Engineer, Sr.
Fusz Memorial Hall, Room 264

Application System Developer, Sr.
Fusz Memorial Hall, 2nd floor

John E. Khalil
Application Support Coordinator (eRS)
Fusz Memorial Hall, Room 263

Eric Kaufmann
Application Systems Analyst, Sr.
Wool Center, Room 110

Tami Hanks
Product Manager (REDCap)
Wool Center, 3rd floor

Annamaria Szakonyi
Application Systems Analyst, Sr.
Fusz Memorial Hall, Suite 358-D
Learning Resources Center, Room 006-H

Brittany Murray
Technology Coordinator
Wool Center, 3rd floor