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IRB Mandatory Online Education Modules

For information on and access to the mandatory education on the use of human subjects in research , please visit the IRB Training and Education webpage.

Animal Care Mandatory Training and Orientation

Federal regulations require persons working with animals used for teaching or research be competent to perform their assigned duties and further require that competency be documented. This requirement extends to all personnel who perform procedures on live animals. All personnel who work with laboratory animals should be familiar with the facilities and policies of the Department of Comparative Medicine. In order to comply with both of these requirements, the Saint Louis University Animal Care Committee has authorized the Department of Comparative Medicine to develop and present a mandatory training and orientation program. The program will be presented twice each month to enable project personnel to attend a session during the two week period that the Authorization to Use Animals in Research or Teaching is under review.

IACUC Personnel and Training Google Page

Mandatory Comparative Medicine Biohazard Training

CDC/NIH regulations require that laboratory and animal support personnel involved in work with biohazardous agents receive appropriate training regarding the potential hazards associated with their work. Personnel are required to receive annual updates or additional training.

In order to comply with these regulations, the SLU Animal Care Committee has authorized the Department of Comparative Medicine to develop and present mandatory biohazard training sessions. There will be two different training sessions: one session for personnel working with BSL2 or lower level agents; a separate session for those working with BSL2/3 and/or Select Agents. Each of these training sessions will be held monthly, and the Department of Comparative Medicine will maintain records of attendance.

Additional information can be found on the Mandatory Biohazard Training page.

Mandatory Responsible Conduct of Research Training For Students, Fellows and Trainees

The National Science Foundation (NSF) and National Institutes of Health (NIH) have established new training requirements in Responsible Conduct of Research (RCR) for programs supporting research training, career development, or research education. In an effort to support institutional compliance with federal requirements, Saint Louis University established a policy requiring all students, post-doctoral fellows and trainees supported by external funds to receive formalized training in the area of Responsible Conduct of Research. At least 8 hours of face-to-face RCR training is required for all students, postdoctoral fellows and trainees who receive support through any externally sponsored funds. This training should be completed by the end of one's program. In order to meet this requirement, Saint Louis University will provide a series of 2-hour workshops throughout the year for individuals to attend. Attending at least four workshops will put one in compliance, but attending more is always encouraged.

Find additional information on existing policies and the workshop schedule.


Conflict of Interest Education Sessions

Conflict of Interest Education Sessions are provided to Saint Louis University schools and colleges throughout the year. In addition, an online education module for conflict of interest is currently being developed. For additional information on in-person or online education sessions on conflict of interest, please contact the office of Responsible Conduct of Research at 314-977-7047.

Environmental Safety Mandatory Training Sessions

Saint Louis University is committed to providing a healthy environment in which research activities requiring the use of hazardous materials, such as biohazards, chemicals and radioactive materials can be used effectively and safely.

In compliance with federal and state regulations and in order to provide a safe working environment at Saint Louis University, the Office of Environmental Safety and Services provides mandatory laboratory-related safety training and orientation modules on a continuing basis throughout the year. All principal investigators and research laboratory staff are required to complete these mandatory education modules. The Office of Environmental Safety and Services offers two mandatory training sessions:

Mandatory Laboratory Safety Training:
The two hour initial session provides new employees training in the areas of general safety, chemical safety and biological safety. All principal investigators, research faculty, staff and students are required to attend this two hour course. Participation in a one hour refresher course is also required every 12 months. Both courses are offered monthly.

Mandatory Radiation Safety Orientation: This four hour required session provides orientation and training in the safe handling of radioactive materials used in research. All principal investigators and research laboratory staff are required to complete the Radiation Safety Orientation class prior to beginning work with radioactive materials. Individuals who work in laboratories where radioactive materials are used but who will not be working directly with radionuclides are also encouraged to attend the Radiation Safety Orientation course. This session is offered on a monthly basis.

For additional information on Environmental Safety mandatory training, including a schedule of training sessions, please contact Kevin Ferguson at 314-977-6896 or

Effort Reporting Education Sessions

Effort Reporting Education Sessions are provided to Saint Louis University schools and colleges throughout the year. For additional information on in-person educational session or to schedule a session for your department, please contact the Sponsored Programs Coordinator at 314-977-4219.

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