Summer at SLU

Summer at SLU criminal background check procedures

The Office of Clinical Education Compliance is a registered entity with the Missouri Highway Patrol and FBI. A background check search through Federal and State law enforcement databases will identify individuals who have committed serious crimes. Individuals with a criminal history would then be identified and determined whether or not they are disqualify by law because their presence would create an unacceptable risk to minors. Based on an individual's level of involvement with camp participants please select the appropriate criminal background screening.

Step 1. From your web browser type or click on the link:

Step 2. Select "Summer At SLU"

Step 3. From the calendar select a date and time for an fingerprint appointment

Step 4. Click on the drop down box "Program Name" and select the name the camp. If you are a Saint Louis University employee, please select if you are "SLU Faculty or SLU Staff"

Step 5. Complete the application and select "Submit".

Step 6. An email confirmation will be sent confirming submission.

If you need assistance with completing the background screening please contact the Office of Clinical Education compliance at 314-977-6636 or 314-977-7080.

Please review the list of current Summer at SLU affiliated programs. If your program is not listed, please contact Troy Turnipseed at to be added.

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