It is the responsibility of all program organizers for programs which involve minors to understand and uphold the tenets of the Policy for the Protection of Minors. This responsibility includes:

Review all programs involving minors

Program organizers should review all programs that involve minors in accordance with this policy to determine requirements and appropriate steps to safeguard and protect minors.

Assure completion of Criminal Background Checks

Program organizers are responsible for assuring that each faculty, staff, student and volunteer which will work with minors as defined in the Policy for the Protection of Minors has the appropriate criminal background check processed within two (2) years. It is also the program organizer's responsibility to fund the criminal background check process. It is recommended that each program organizer factor the expense of criminal background checks into their program budget.

For programs affiliated with Summer at SLU, please utilize these instructions for facilitating criminal background checks.

Promote education to protect minors

Program organizers are responsible for educating personnel working with minors, including providing a copy of this policy and any additional program-specific measures and required policies and procedures to all personnel.

Additional educational resources, including an on-line training module are available on this site.

Additionally, an occasional workshop, Protecting God's Children, is offered on campus. To set-up a Protecting God's Children workshop for your faculty, staff or student group, contact Bobby Wassel in the Center for Service and Community Engagement at (314) 977-2041 or