Resources for Parents and Families

Saint Louis University values the opportunity to engage members of the local community, and is committed to providing an environment which promotes the safety and wellbeing of our guests, including minors. The University's Policy for the Protection of Minors has been established to promote the safeguards and protection for program participants under the age of eighteen (18), and to help educate faculty, staff and students who are engaged with minors in such programs.

We appreciate your trust in Saint Louis University, and thus are taking steps to protect your child, including establishing:

• Definitions and requirements, per the Policy for the Protection of Minors, to communicate expectations and protocol on campus to protect minors;
• Reporting procedures and expectations for persons suspecting abuse of minors;
• Educational resources for faculty, staff, students and volunteers who organize and work with programs involving minors; and
• Guidelines and procedures to assure appropriate criminal background checks for faculty, staff, student and volunteers who work with minors.

As a parent or family member, additional things you can do to safeguard your child include:

• Report any concerns regarding possible abuse to the Saint Louis University Department of Public Safety and Emergency Preparedness (DPSEP) at (314) 977-3000, or by contacting the local police at 911. A non-emergency reporting alternative is the University's anonymous reporting line (877) 525-5669.
• Talk to your child using age-appropriate language, so they establish an understanding of appropriate an inappropriate touching and how to speak up if they ever feel unsafe.
• Know the signs of Child Abuse.

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