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Student Development Staff

The Division of Student Development at Saint Louis University consists of over 100 staff members who are dedicated to developing and forming students into "men and women for and with others". We strive to ensure that our students have good experiences, both inside and outside of the classroom.

We want students to have opportunities to learn, develop, and understand that we need to challenge and support them as they progress throughout their experience at Saint Louis University (SLU). We do our part to produce graduates who are active citizens in a global society, able to lead in their fields, competent in their personal lives and ever growing as spiritual beings.

Professional Expectations

In order to accomplish our work in Student Development we expect that professionals will:

• Collaborate and work effectively together;
• Respect and support each other and our colleagues within the larger University setting;
• Place the highest priority on the learning and development of our students;
• Be open-minded, willing to embrace change and committed to our own personal and professional growth;
• Follow the letter and spirit of all federal, state and local statues and all University policies;
• Fully acknowledge and embrace our responsibility to protect the rights of students in all our interactions and activities with them;
• Understand the expectations of our students and stakeholders, the standards of excellence for our program areas; and
• Act with honesty and integrity and pursue recourse to address any situation in which our actions, intentional or unintentional, indicate otherwise, holding ourselves accountable to others.

Higher purpose. Greater good.
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