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Rising Star Award

Nominee must be a new employee with less than (3) three years of continuous service with the division. The individual has innovative ideas and has made significant contributions throughout the year to his or her area, or to the University community. They have a demonstrated record of improvement; have progressed through cooperation, initiative; and are self-starters with a take-charge attitude. This talented employee volunteers to assist when and where needed.

Award Recipients

Becky Carlson
Caitlin Lynch
Matt Sullivan
Ryan Trump

Jenni Hamlin
Amy Hosford
Tiffany Muskopf
Justin Vilbig

James Hillis
Kaleigh Mrowka
Natalie Stone
Karl Aldrich

Greg Lucsko
Natalie Floeh
Amanda Chamberland

Kelly Herbolich
Jennifer Parks
Brad Romig

Katie Beres
Lisa Israel
Katie Kelsey

Renee Dunham
Kirstin Leih
Michelle Vinson

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