Recognizes an individual who has taken the initiative and/or gone the extra mile to contribute to the success of SLU through his or her outstanding contributions at work. Going the extra miles is evident in their timeliness, and follow-through, willingness to help fellow employees, take on additional assignments, and seek any opportunity to contribute. This individual works quietly, unobtrusively, and diligently to provide the highest level of customer service with creativity, dedication, cooperation and reliability. Nominee has performed at a level above and beyond normal job requirements that have resulted in furthering the department's and division's goals and mission.

Award Recipients

Alison Bradley
Carol Cote
Robin Krueger
Megan Shaffer
Sonja Wall

Cheryl Kaufman
Amanda Sahaida
Ann Tettamble

Shahida Ahmed
LeeToya Grant
Heather Freehill
Annie Neidel
Francisco Tobar

Leah Sweetman
James Gilbey
Carol Lunning
Meredith McLaughlin
Student Health and Counseling

Andre Benson
Cindy Bush
Michelle Vinson
Leantyne Neal

David Young
Cindy Ringkamp

Eric Casares
Claire Chase

Pat May