Vision, Mission, and Strategic Priorities

We strive to be an exemplary division of student affairs professionals educating students to lead and serve humanity.

The Division of Student Development facilitates programs, services and experiences that help students develop as leaders who are holistically formed, critically reflective, and socially and personally responsible.

Our interdisciplinary approach is to focus on the following strategic priorities in order to promote SLU students' learning and development in these areas:

Global Citizenship: SLU students will understand the interconnectedness of multiple perspectives and cultural identities as part of a broader humanity, and express compassion for others, act in service to others, and enact social change with others.

Healthy Mind, Body, and Spirit: SLU students will understand the importance of a healthy lifestyle, and balance physical wellness, mental wellness, and spiritual development.

Student Success: SLU students will understand the resources available to assist them in achieving their goals, activate their potential, and engage in strategies to strive toward their purpose after graduation.

Integrative Learning: SLU students will understand that learning is a lifelong endeavor and will discover, reflect on, and apply knowledge acquired in classroom and out-of-class experiences to create meaning.

Higher purpose. Greater good.
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