2013 James H. Korn Award Recipients

Saint Louis University's James H. Korn Award for the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning was established in 2006 in recognition of Dr. Korn's commitment to research on teaching and learning. Today, the James H. Korn Award celebrates faculty that challenge themselves to evaluate and refine their own teaching methods. Nominees can illustrate dedication to scholarly teaching through research, documentation and implementation.Team Picture

This year the James H. Korn Award for the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning was presented to the Interprofessional Teaching and Learning Team of Interprofessional Education Program. The research conducted includes assessment of the knowledge, attitudes and skills of students in relation to learning outcomes for preparing them for interprofessional practice. The comprehensive plan included quantitative and qualitative methods to examine the effectiveness of the core curriculum in shaping future health care providers.

The Doisy College of Health Sciences is pleased to announce that Irma Ruebling, P.T., M.A., Interim Dean of Doisy College and Assistant Director of Interprofessional Education; Kathy Kienstra, MAT, R.T. (R) (T), Radiation Therapy Program Director and Associate Professor in the Department of Medical Imaging and Radiation Therapeutics; and Ginge Kettenbach, P.T., Ph.D., Associate Professor of Physical Therapy, are three of the recipients of the James H. Korn Award. Kienstra expressed her excitement and gratitude for teamwork, "It was a team effort. Each member brought a diverse perspective to the table. I am honored to have been involved in the collaboration."

The Interprofessional Education Program has been in place at Saint Louis University since 2006.Irma Ruebling was delighted to be one of the few receiving the James H. Korn Award, "It is a high honor to receive this prestigious award. Our team has been together since the inception of the IPE Program at SLU. We are very excited about the development and continual growth of the program. It has been a great privilege to work together with many individuals to create this important program for enhancing collaboratively toward improving health care for the future." Other members of the team included Rebecca Banks, Judy Carlson, Mary Kreiger, David Pole and Nina Westhus. 

Members of the team include:
Irma Ruebling (Assistant Director of the IPE Center, Interim Dean of Doisy College), Rebecca Banks (Social Work),  Judy Carlson (Nursing),  Ginge Kettenbach (Physical Therapy),  Kathy Kienstra (Radiation Therapy), Mary Kreiger (Library), David Pole (Community & Family Medicine); and Nina Westhus (Nursing).

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